Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Medical Missions Training

Two-weeks in the beautiful rolling hills of North Carolina + medical missions/tropical diseases training = Missionary Medical Intensive (MMI) class at Equip, Intl. I had the opportunity to take this class last month, and it was amazing! Definitely intense...which is probably why 'intensive' is in the name of the class:) My future AfricaHope medical teammates (Angie & Elizabeth) came as well, so we had those 2 weeks (plus a 12-hour road trip each way!) to get to know each other better & discuss our upcoming ministry. I can gladly say we're now even more excited than we were before! And definitely feel more prepared for the adventures that are about to ensue!

The cabin Tillie & I shared

We only had electricity 1-hour each night! Otherwise it was gas lamps & heaters

Tillie & Sheila practicing with the otoscope

Open wide Samantha! :)

Blood pressure time...

Dr. Mary (the author of the book MMI is taught from, Village Medical Manual, flew in from Ethiopia with Nurse Sophie to teach our class with the newly released 6th edition!

We all had 40-50 case studies to complete by the end of the class

What a great visual...Dr. Mary drew on Shola to outline his organs!

Math/dosage calculations...can't avoid them

Dr. Mary's prize possessions...glass syringes!

John & I working on NG tubes (aka feeding tubes)

And that's how it's done...

We learned to make feeding tubes out of IV tubing

Delivery teaching kits

Dr. Mary teaching us finger blocks...

Mmmm...cow tongue...Shelly & Cameron looks thrilled

Suture time...

Kimby & I suturing

Shoulder dislocation? We'll pop you back into place!

AfricaHope medical team!!! - Angie, me, & Elizabeth (plus John, who's going to AfricaHope for a month this summer & Crystal, a friend from ECHO)

Dr. Mary demonstrating teeth blocks

There were 18 of us...half medical, half non-medical

Afternoon in Black Mountain (Angie, me, Elizabeth, & John)

Dinner in Asheville (me, Angie, Elizabeth, & Amy)

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