Thursday, November 11, 2010


I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of motorcycles. They make me nervous. Having been in the medical profession for the past 7 years, I’ve heard about way to many motorcycle accidents for me to not think twice about getting on one. That being said…I tend to have temporary lapses of judgment when visiting foreign countries:) It first happened 3 years ago in India with my sister & cousin… Our driver decided that we would love to each ride on the hotel motorcycle on the narrow mountain road to go see a cave temple. My sister went first… no problems. My cousin refused…so smart! It was my turn. I got on the back of the motorcycle…& then immediately asked myself, “What in the world are you doing?!” I started to pray. And then the motorcycle died!!!! I couldn’t believe it! They had to tow it back to the hotel with someone holding on to the rope it was tied to sitting in the back of the car! Thank you, God!!!

Then came Ethiopia… motorcycles were one of three transportation options (walking 45+mins & bajaj being the others), but the only safe option at night. So…I hopped on…and started praying. The motorcycle never died…the whole time I was in Ethiopia for that matter. That gave me peace. Guess God thought it was okay this time:)

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