Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thank you for asking...

I have been surprised throughout this whole support raising process. God continues to bring forth supporters despite my scattered, unorganized attempts. One thing that has surprised me the most is when people respond with, "Thank you for asking". Seriously? You're saying thank you to me because I just asked you for money? It's very humbling. And so exciting that people are thankful to be in involved with God's dream for me. Thank you for saying "thank you" :)

Here are some of the most creative support raising ideas friends & family have come up with:

- Party...Jewelry party!
A new friend of mine that I met at one of my supporting churches has hosted Silpada jewelry parties and is donating all the profits to me!

- Redirecting money
Another friend has quit smoking, and is sending the money she used to for cigarettes to me! This idea made me really happy...I am a nurse after all :)

- FLUSH Fund
A local New Harmony coffee shop is fundraising with their toilet!

Idea by Laura Hudgins - Made by my mom :)

- Persimon pudding brownies
There is a huge, historic persimon tree near my parents house in New Harmony. My mom collected them, cooked up some persimon pudding brownies, & proceeded to sell them out of her golf cart at Kunstfest in September! After all...New Harmony is a golf cart community :)

Hopefully the creativity will keep on coming...

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